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Choosing a Pump

What You Should Know About Rainwater Pumps

Almost all rainwater harvesting systems operating in Australia these days have pumps. Pumping systems can be set up on rainwater harvesting tanks to increase the pressure of the flow of water to other parts of the home, and they will need to be set up in case a household has appliances that will not work unless the water pressure is high enough.


Types of Pumps

There are two main types of rainwater pumps—external pump and submersible or in-tank pump. The former type is one that should be set up outside, and the latter type should be installed inside the water tank. Each type has its advantages.

Why get a surface pump?

Get a surface pump if you’re looking for a low-cost option that isn’t difficult to maintain.

Why get a submersible or in-tank pump?

Get a submersible or in-tank water pump if you are looking for a noiseless option that does not need a lot of protection.

To-do’s Before Purchase

Before getting a pump from us, make sure to have an electrician set up a weatherproof power point near the spot where the pump needs to be. Pumps should never be connected to an extension cord, which is then connected to an interior power point. Keep in mind that the extension cord itself may not be weatherproof, and thus will be unsafe for outdoor use.



Many pump models are not that hard to set up. External pumps need a short piece of hose (that’s resistant to kinks) that’s secured with a couple of hose clamps to connect your tank to the pump inlet. The distance between the pump and tank must be reasonably short. Next, prime your pump with some water, plug it into the outlet, then switch on. Don’t forget the housing over the external pump so the elements won’t end up destroying it.

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