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Thin Tanks

Designed to be non-intrusive and aesthetically-pleasing, these tanks can be configured in any quantity to achieve your desired water storage capacity. Moreover, Slimline water tanks are markedly easy to position in virtually any location, including alongside fences, against a house wall, as a landscaping item to form an internal courtyard or to screen a back yard. All Slimline tanks are proudly Made in Australia.

Features & benefits

  • Manufactured from UV stabilised food grade polymer
  • To ensure maximum strength, all Thintanks are made of a solid one piece construction
  • Tanks are fitted with 2 brass 20mm (3/4”) outlets at the bottom to allow joining of tanks together with ease (1,000L – 2,000L) 25mm (1”) pre moulded brass outlet (3,000L – 5,000L)
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance and designed to suit any location with minimum intrusion
  • Thintanks can be positioned to form an internal courtyard or screen off your backyard
    Note: Brackets required