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Call us on 0466 987 999


What are my payment options?

- Paypal
- Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard)
- Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
- Cheque

How much will cost if I want to cancel the order after payment verification?

Cancellation of orders will cost 25% of the total amount.

Normally how long will it take for my order to arrive after I make payment?

Members who ship their rainwater tanks within SA should expect to receive their orders normally around 2 weeks upon payment verification.

How do I know when my Rainwater Tank will be delivered?

Our logistics department will be in contact with you 7 days prior to delivery to:
- confirm your delivery address
- preference for morning or afternoon delivery
- advising access guidelines for delivery to your property
- if you will be onsite when the delivery arrives
- We can even offer a courtesy call before your delivery.

What property access is required for delivery?

Our tanks can be quite large making the trucks loads very high and long and we take the job of delivering your tank safety very seriously. Therefore, we have established clear guidelines for our deliveries.
- The clearance required for truck and trailer is 19 metres long, 5 metres high and 3.5m wide.
- Ensure there are no low-lying branches or powerlines
- Make sure the gate/entrance is wide enough and there is enough turning area for the 19m long truck and trailer (size of a normal roundabout)

What if I am not sure about the configuration when I place the order?

- Make an online enquiry straight away
- Choose “No-Loose fitting only” in the CONFIGURATION REQUIRED option or choose “unsure” if uncertain about the location of overflow position / outlet options